Goodman vs Amana Air Conditioners

Goodman vs Amana Air Conditioners

October 15, 2017|Posted in: Uncategorized

I can’t decide between Goodman vs Amana air conditioners. What do you know about them?

Goodman advertises products that last almost forever.

I’ve seen the commercials. They go on and on about their durability and quality.

Unfortunately, Goodman ACs are not so good anymore.

Give me specifics as to what goes wrong.

Goodman air conditioners have problems with refrigerant leaks. It may even start leaking before the first year warranty is up.

I wonder what causes that problem.

Goodman evaporator coils are problematic, and the problem is at the factory. They have lousy quality control in the factory or just don’t care what they ship.

How does Goodman take care of the problem?

Goodman sometimes honors the promise to replace bad components for twenty bucks. But you’re on your own for labor costs.

I wonder what is under warranty.

The indoor AC coil, something that rarely breaks, is covered by the long term warranty. They say their inducers and outdoor condensers only have a one year warranty.

That’s like a home owner’s insurance policy not covering the most common types of damage.

That’s why Goodman was sued for their poor workmanship in the factory, lousy installers and over-priced repair techs. Goodman ACs regularly need multiple parts replaced after three years, like the indoor coil, condenser fan motors and others.

That’s expensive.

I’m not sure I’d sing the praises of Amana air conditioners, but it would be hard to do worse than Goodman.

Amana has a reputation for quality, going back to their Shaker days.

Amana is now made by Goodman. Goodman also makes Janitrol.

I’ve never heard of Janitrol.

Amana is more expensive, the quality brand. Goodman is the generic or low cost brand.

Based on that alone, I’m going with Amana air conditioners.